Fundamentals of Film and Content Bundle - REELISE

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THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 | 10.30AM – 3.30PM


THURSDAY 14 JULY 2022 | 10.30AM – 3.30PM



FRIDAY 8 JULY 2022 | 10.30AM – 3.30PM


FRIDAY 15 JULY 2022 | 10.30AM – 3.30PM


Ready to start creating?

Part 1 of the hands on Program will take you through the critical first stages of drafting and actioning a film including finding your message, writing, production design, cinematography and directing.  You’ll delve into the genres of Comedy and Drama to illustrate practical applications of leading industry techniques and explore how you might use them to enhance your craft.   By the end of the session, you’ll have applied your new knowledge in the creation of a three-scene film AND a short satirical piece.


In this session students will:

In Part 2, you’ll expand your knowledge of the medium of film, taking a look at documentary filmmaking and social media. Kicking off with a masterclass on how to conduct interviews, you’ll learn how to effectively capture factual narrative and apply this to your very own self-taped interview. You’ll also dive deeper into the intricacies of lighting and editing, allowing you to further polish your work.


The program concludes by unpacking the implications of social media content production and how you can best protect and manage yourself and your art online. You’ll finish with an exercise devoted to practicing empowering your voice through digital content.


In this session students will:



FREE for a limited time using the code CHANGETHEWORLD at checkout