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on 6 JULY FROM 5-6pm!


Get REEL advice from online content creators and filmmakers who have lived the journey! Learn authentic tips on finding your voice, cultivating an audience, producing relevant content, and protecting yourself and your content online. It’s your opportunity to ask any burning questions you might have on the intricacies of creating content for social platforms and managing an online brand. This will be live-streamed on our socials.


In this session you will:


Jake Rich:

Jake Rich is an award-winning Australian YouTuber, digital artist, travel filmmaker and photographer. He is regarded as a pioneer in the action camera filmmaking space and is one of Australia’s most popular digital creators, with over 160K subscribers on his YouTube Channel. He was also the first Australian global ambassador for youth travel company Contiki.
Jake is the co-founder of NotJustColour, an action camera masterclass, and platform that aims to inspire the next generation of content creators. Known for his diverse and exuberant work, Jake Rich has created travel films in over ten countries. His content revolves around action camera mastery, capturing the beauty of locations, and bringing them to life.
Winner of the Best Upcoming Presenter Award at Simon Cowell’s The You Generation, the GoPro Creator summit Best Video two consecutive years, and ranked in Australia’s Top 50 Influencers list, he has also attracted media attention, getting featured in several local and national outlets like Perth Now, New York Folk, and others.


Etcetera Etcetera:
At 23 years of age, Etcetera (known as the ‘glamour bug’) has already made a splash with the Australian LGBTQIA+ community for their aesthetic and activism.  As one of Australia’s most well-known and visually striking drag artists, they have represented and hosted events for major brands and organisations and featured in multiple stage, film and television productions, notably Season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under and My Kitchen Rules.  A visible non-binary artist, they have created a genuine and vocal fanbase beyond the world of drag and into the mainstream with their humour, intellect and artistry. 


Jenna Hudson:
Jenna Hudson is a presenter, musician and content creator.  Australian Supermodel of the Year 2018 and a Miss Universe Finalist, she stepped away from modelling to build the Self Love Club Movement, providing workshops to improve the self confidence and body image of young people.  With a highly engaged young female audience of over 720K across TikTok and Instagram, Jenna is passionate about educating and encouraging young people to use social media in a positive way.